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Fail to comply to these legal requirements and your landlord insurance may be void!


To Comply

This is the easiest way for the landlord -and also the easiest way to pass the buck if something were to go wrong (electrically) further down the line

Questions as a landlord -when seeking an electrician for your rental property;

Is the electrician / company competent (in the eyes of the Scottish Government)?

How do you check- look up SELECT / NICIEC or NAPIT sites and check the contractor you intend to use is listed with at least one scheme.

If they are not listed then they are not deemed competent, this doesn’t mean a landlord can’t use them but the liability shifts towards the landlord (see appendix A of the Scottish Government guidance)

If the answer is yes then as a landlord you have done the necessary checks.

The contractor should provide;

The paperwork (if correct and provided by a competent person) reduces the liability on the landlord significantly - if something were to happen a landlord could point to a SATISFACTORY electrical certificate from a competent person or company.

This goes a long way (legally) to prove the landlord took all reasonable steps with regards to electrical safety.

It is good to have pdf versions as these can be given to the tenant via email.


England and Wales