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The company was established in 2003 by Stewart McLintock

If you are looking for a fully qualified experienced electrician

that has taken the time, cost and effort to be registered with

SELECT and enrolled with NICIEC  then look no further.

and testing

As a landlord you are ordering the work - you have a legal duty to ensure the safety of tenant and that includes ensuring persons carrying out electrical works are competent

As a minimum you should refer to the check list in Appendix A (in the document on this page that says 'legal requirements') and check if the person doing your electrical work is suitably qualified and trained.

If you do not do this you may end up with a worthless bit of paper rather than documents that will stand up in court.

Lanlord legal requirements

Have you checked the electricans credentials on the SELECT / NICEIC or NAPIT site(s)

A satisfactory EICR (electrical report)

  • Interlinked heat detector (kitchen)

  • Interlinked smoke detector (lounge)

  • Interlinked smoke detector(s) in hall(s)

  • Carbon monoxide detector

  • Update- from 1st March landlords can use radio linked 10 year battery detectors

A minor works (or Installation) electrical certificate for smoke detector works (with a signature and compotent person details)

Many electricians can fit but cannot fix.

We can fault find and let you know what and how to rectify an electrical problem

CO (Carbon Monoxide) detecors

Landlords must have a carbon monoxide detector installed in almost all dwellings (they are usually not required in all electric properties)

The CO detector must be of a sealed battery type and must last a period of at least 7 years. The CO detector can be of a battery only type or a mains / dual heat and carbon monoxide unit.

Interlinked smoke / heat detecors

Landlords are required to have interlinked smoke detecors installed in all private rented dwellings

Competent person

Landlords must use an 'electrically competent' person to carry out the checks. Failure to check a certificate or electricains credentials could lead to the landlord obtaining a useless bit of paper

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The Scottish Government now require ALL private sector landlords to provide an electrical safety certificate for their properties.

The EICR (electrical safety condition report) should be given to the tenant an the start of the tenancy.

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