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abc Electrical specialise in all aspects of domestic landlord work and can inspect, test and certify landlord electrical installations to the legal requirements as set out by the Scottish Government.

From 1st December 2016 landlords were required to have a SATISFACTORY electrical certificate for all new and existing leases.


Landlords must have a carbon monoxide detector installed in almost all dwellings (they are usually not required in all electric properties)

The CO detector must be of a sealed battery type and must last a period of at least 7 years. The CO detector can be of a battery only type.

Mains interlinked smoke / heat detecors

Landlords are required to have interlinked smoke detecors installed in all private rented dwellings

Compotent person

Landlords must use an 'electrically competent' person to carry out the checks. Failure to check a certificate or electricains credentials could lead to the landlord obtaining a useless bit of paper

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