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This page of the site is dedicated to the things we find during our work, pictures for all to see.


The landlord was a bit miffed that this did not pass- he replaced this.

Had this been only one or two items then we would have fixed things whilst there. 

The dwelling needed a fair bit of work to make it safe to rent.

The same property had all the things on the top of this page, it had over 15 defects on the test.


This was powering up the cooker hood, left and below


Live wires in a back garden, someone had taken a hut away and this was left sticking out of the ground.

Had it not been for the MANDATORY landlord electrical checks this may not have been found

Open end of an extension (plugged in).

The landlord thought this was the way to connect a washing machine


Smoke detector over 2 years out of date, battery out of date in 2011


The smoke detectors (above) and the light pictures (left) are from the same property.

The extreme left photo shows heat damage.

The near left photo - the installer has thrown away the little box that encloses the connections and left them exposed.

The incorrectly installed recessed spot light has been scorching the foam loft insulation boarding.

This  was on the way to starting a fire.


Both pictures from the same dwelling

This had been checked by another electrical contractor and had passed 12 months earlier.

We were asked to look (at smoke detectors) and noticed this.

Scottish Power have been and made it safe.

The left is a hole in the top of an unused service fuse 

The top picture shows the meter and the hole is live to the tune of 243 volts

A nasty shock indeed- the fuse in the big black holder is minimum of 60 Amps, regularly 100 Amps


Here we have another wiring check, where someone has installed a consumer unit after 2004- note the lack of RCD protection.

These older units were plastic and needed bits broken out to allow cables to enter.

The installer has been over zealous and has left holes in the bottom which can allow finger access- this is dangerous.

Fortunately the property was empty and the landlord has agreed to have the work rectified.

The smoke detectors (above) and the light pictures (left) are from the same property.

The extreme left photo shows heat damage.

The near left photo - the installer has thrown away the little box that encloses the connections and left them exposed.

The incorrectly installed recessed spot light has been scorching the foam loft insulation boarding.

This  was on the way to starting a fire.

The same consumer unit (above) from the bottom

The size of the hole is quite large- enough to allow a childs finger to the LIVE parts just above.

The install was empty and not in use at the time of the test.

There is also a part of the cable head missing, Scottish Power will be called to attend.


Some more recent things- this was from a landlord electrical check that had been passed.

This landlord had done what he thought was the right thing he had

  • Obtained an electrician to carry out an electrical check

  • Decided to use an agent to keep him right

  • Passed the completed electrical check to the agent

When the agent was asked about this he stated it was the 'landlords responsability' !

All the pictures in this section are from the same flat

20220927_161522 - Copy.jpg
20211222_153449 - Copy.jpg


A consumer unit installed by the 'electrician' who did the wiring check.

The RCD started burning as it was not tightened properly.


The hall spot lights were wired in stripped cable with no earth on them or the wall lights (which MUST have an earth)

Dangerous bus bar connection

Dangerous bus bar connection

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Called out to a trip switch that would not reset - consumer unit (garage) below.

Other picture shows the problem better - a slug between the live bus bar and the metal case.

20200512_171059 (2).jpg
20200512_170112 (2).jpg

Another dangerous shower.

  • Shower switch inside bathroom next to shower cubicle

  • Damaged fuse carrier (white one)

  • Heat damaged shower fuse carrier

  • Hole in fuse box that allows finger access

  • Shower on rewirable fuse - not permitted on safety reasons.

20200512_170112 (2).jpg
20200512_170109 - Copy.jpg

The photos below shows a meter and a 'radio teleswitch'

The meter has been altered and the radio teleswitch has had cables removed

There are holes that are open and at least one will be live and exposed to finger access.

The left image is a larger version of the black meter box to the right , we have put a circle round the live part.

This 'hole' is live for at least 8 hours per day.

20200504_155201 (2).jpg
20200504_155201 (2).jpg
20200504_140034 - Copy.jpg

These photos is from a landlord EICR who told me (whilst taking part in an electrical inspection) that I was actively looking for things- thats the point of an EICR.

A light switch can be seen (very likely not to have been done by an electrician) where the cables are flapping about OUTSIDE the box.

These connections are 2.5mm socket cable (used for lights), not inside an enclosure and also next to wooden boarding (fire hazard)

20200523_115635 - Copy.jpg

This is the result of connections that are not tightened correctly.

It is also from a consumer unit more towards the budget range (the cheaper ones really do not stand up to any issues)

This needed a new main switch and a link cable.

if you take a closer look where the cables enter you can see holes where fingers can enter (nice)

20200506_112557 - Copy.jpg

We went to connect a cooker (something that should be fairly simple)

We found a 'bad' earth reading and checked the consumer unit- it was the same

We then found this- the earth connection had not been tightened inside the main earth block- this left the house with no functional earth, took 5 minutes to fix.

This is a newly installed light in a kitchen by a registered contractor

Note the taped connection and the light is not fire rated - as required by the building regulations.

20200706_171412-2 - Copy.jpg
20200708_123809 - Copy.jpg

Why does my fuse box trip.....

Here is some work by a 'handyman' who did some electrical 'work'

These cables are taped up in the open and were live (now disconnected)

20200710_151951-2 - Copy.jpg

A newly installed shower where the installer either cannot read or does not care about manufacturer instructions.

If you look the label states the guarantee is void if the shower is sealed around the unit (it is)

The meter is from another landlord EICR check

The left terminal on the meter is burnt, the meter seals were missing as the meter had been tampered with.

The other picture shows the meter plastic has been melting - this is fire hazard and an example of how EICR checks are required more than ever.


This is an immersion heater (water heater) on a hot water cylinder.

The cover is misshapen and has melted partially.

It is so bad the cover does not secure on to the base leaving exposed live connections.

This photo shows something even more concerning

Someone has installed a new thermostat and altered the internal wiring (so far so good), what they have not done is ensure that a cover fits on securely enclosing the live parts.

This is VERY concerning as this unit is located in the hall cupboard (without a door) and is about 4 foot off the ground - curious child height.

Here we have a supply cable head.

Someone has been in and changed the consumer unit and did a bit of DIY.

If you look at the brown cable in the picture you can see a hole. 

This is an open terminal hole with a live part inside that is the right size for small fingers

This was plugged in to an extension which ran a washing machine and another kitchen appliance.

This was found during an inspection and test
Another example of why things should be inspected.

Went to check a cooker hood not working and found this whilst looking for hood switch.

Note the exposed live wires sitting next to a gas pipe

This install was passed last year and certified as safe by a contractor.

20211109_103048 - Copy.jpg
20211129_122347 - Copy.jpg

Found in the eaves of a house we were testing

Apparently it had been checked several times previously and passed.

When we asked for  a copy of the certificate it 'may have been lost in a house move'


Another test another fail.

Tested an existing install and the Proteus brand RCD failed to trip

When the test button was pressed it exploded inside, you can see the result.

This is why we install a different (more expensive) brand of consumer unit.

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