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abc Electrical carry out a lot of electrical inspection and testing, here are some photos and stories

On this page are some items that we have came across over recent times.

The picture to the right was from a recent landlord test.

There were various problems with the socket circuits - this was the most obvious

The blue (neutral) connection on this socket had been burning up.

This is mainly due to poor workmanship (not tightening the connections)

The right fuse has had the fuse wire replaced by a bit of copper wire that is thicker than it should be.

In this case the Scottish Power 100A fuse is likely to go faster than this

This is an unsatisfactory connection at a spot light

These were in the same house that had been 'rewired' 8 or 9 years ago.

The top photo is a light switch that has been removed and thrown in the loft (note the new cables have been connected to it and it was live)

The left photo is another example of a 'fine mess' in the same house.

If you look closely (bottom right) you can see a wire which is taped up (and live). This has been left for 8-9 years after a insurance repair.

The right photo is a joint box for lights with cover screws missing and lots of cables hanging out of it

The pictures with the white triangles were from the same inspection and test  - the same house.

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