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Since 1st December 2016 landlords in Scotland have been required to have a SATISFACTORY electrical certificate for all new and existing leases.

Landlords must have an EICR electrical report carried out in a property PRIOR to letting

  • Carry out any remedial works required to make the install safe

  • Install INTERLINKED smoke and HEAT detectors which are usually mains powered, a recent Scottish Government change allows long life radio linked battery detectors to BS 5339 Pt 6.

  • Ensure ANY electrician the landlord uses meets the requirements

  • Install CARBON MONOXIDE detectors where required

  • Provide copies of the certificates to the tenant prior to letting

  • Maintain the electrical (and other) systems in the dwelling throughout the lease

Smoke and Heat detectors

Landlords must install and maintain smoke detectors in their private rental dwelling.

There should be a BS 5839 Pt 6 certificate for mains / long life battery smoke detectors

CO- Carbon Monoxide detector

Landlords are required to install and maintain CO (carbon monoxide) detector(s) in most properties (usually not needed for all electric homes)

Electrical Certificates

Private sector landlords should have the following certificates :

  • BS 5839 smoke detector certificate

  • EICR (electrical installation condition report)

Landlords need other certificates (such as Gas ones) which are not dealt with here


All appliances provided in the property at the start of the tenancy are the responsibility of the landlord.

These should be part of any electrical report

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