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At abc Electrical we always try our best and value feedback.

There now follows a little story about a disgruntled landlord.

We did an EICR and indicated it may pass if certain things were remedied.

We went back to the property and found the things below.

If a dwelling is not safe then we will not pass the install- I prefer to place peoples safety before any reviews or gossip.


The landlord informed that the washing machine (which was in place during the first visit) would be removed but was on an extension.

Extensions as permanant wiring will not fail an EICR (electrical report) but we always advise against their use.

So we arrive to the picture we see on the right- 

We have exposed live connections covered with tape.

We cannot simply pass an install with unsafe items - no matter how much the landlord is upset.

The right photo shows the other end of the taped up black cable.... does this look safe?

Inset is what an extension looks like (just to jog some memories)


Above- the landlord had done 'diy' 

Above (middle), right and below:

The kitchen was full of items and the cupboards were stuffed on our first visit.

Things were removed by the second visit - this is when the full 'glory' of the works became evident. 

This is the cooker hood cable, note the exquisite tape work, it must have taken the installer ages. 

The close (right) shows the same taped up connection from below the wall unit.


Why bother the electricain by getting him or her to add sockets.

Just shove in a 4 way extension and hope for the best.

There is only ONE double socket above the worktop for all the above counter appliances, the washing machine, the cooker hood, the washing machine..... you get the idea.

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